West Leederville Way

The West Leederville Way

The West Leederville Way

The West Leederville Way (WLW) is the term used to describe West Leederville Primary School’s (WLPS) unique approach to the delivery of the Western Australian Curriculum. It distinguishes our school from all other Western Australian primary schools.

The WLW is comprised of pedagogical approaches, whole-school programs and whole-school assessment. It ensures consistency across classrooms and year levels. Most importantly, the approaches and programs included in the WLW have been selected as they are evidence-based high impact teaching strategies.

The WLW has evolved over a number of years as part of the school’s ongoing cycle of self-reflection and improvement. School-wide agreement on teaching approaches, strategies and assessment was reached through a highly-consultative and deliberate process. Thus, the WLW has been, and continues to be, developed by our staff for our students in our specific context. Well-considered resourcing, professional learning opportunities, induction processes and ongoing performance improvement ensure that staff are both competent and confident with delivering the Western Australian Curriculum The West Leederville Way.

The WLW continues to evolve with the changing needs of the school and its students.

There are three layers to the WLW: