The West Leederville Teaching Staff

Thank you so much to the dedicated and professional staff at West Leederville Primary. My son has thoroughly enjoyed his years at the school and leaves with many wonderful, fond memories.
Parent 2018

Kirsten Dicker


Sonja Katnich

Associate Principal

Kelly McLagan

Associate Principal

Classroom Teachers

The classroom teachers at West Leederville Primary School are a dedicated team of professionals. They display a host of skills and a vast range of experiences. Together they combine to a unit, dedicated to the very best education of the students within the school.

Luke Colace

Year 6A Teacher

Vanessa Balla and Lauren Brophy

Year 6B Teachers

Rebecca Maloney

Year 5/6 Teacher

Mitch Green and Insiyah Nazir

Year 5A Class Teachers

Judith Curtis and Insiyah Nazir

Year 5B Teachers

Pip Hawson and Miriam Hawgood

Year 4A Teachers

Heather Staszewski

Year 4B

Hannah Gimpel

Year 3/4 Teacher

Cameron Robinson

Year 3A Teacher

Bianca Sussovich

Year 3B Teacher

Randa Petersen-Srock

Year 3C

Monique Mackaiser Joanna Stanton

Year 2A Teachers

Aida Nezovic

Year 2B Teacher

Rachelle Whitney

Year 2C Teacher

Jess Schofield

Year 1/2 Teacher

Sarah Byrne

Year 1A Teacher

Sarah Kersey

Year 1B Teacher

Rachael Frusher

Year 1C

Julie Ballantine and Natasha Stavretis

Pre Primary A Teachers

Renae Cooper

Pre Primary B Teacher

Jade Stocks

Pre Primary C Teacher

Gail Collet

Kindergarten Blue & Green Teacher

Sue Wilson

Kindergarten Red Teacher

Lincoln Matrizis

Music Teacher

Jacinta Tremayne

Music Teacher

Sally Gorey and Rachael Swinhoe

Art Teacher

Von Greenway

Art Teacher

Linda Williams

HASS Teacher

Luke Cunningham

Physical Education Teacher