The West Leederville Teaching Staff

Thank you so much to the dedicated and professional staff at West Leederville Primary. My son has thoroughly enjoyed his years at the school and leaves with many wonderful, fond memories.
Parent 2018

Sheri Evans


Rochelle Reeves

Associate Principal

Michael McInerheney

Associate Principal

Shelley Thompson

Associate Principal

Classroom Teachers

The classroom teachers at West Leederville Primary School are a dedicated team of professionals. They display a host of skills and a vast range of experiences. Together they combine to a unit, dedicated to the very best education of the students within the school.

Mitch Green

Year 6 Red Teacher

Judith Curtis

Year 6 BlueTeacher

Nicholas Savatovic

Year 5/6 teacher

Mim Hawgood

Year 5 Teacher

Hannah Gimpel

Year 4/5 teacher

John McInerheney

Year 4 White teacher

Jacqui McGinnity

Year 4 Red Teacher

Pip Hawson

Year 3/4 teacher

Shannon Holmes

Year 3 Blue teacher

Cindy Evans

Year 3 Blue Teacher

Von Murphy

Year 3 White Teacher

Tash Stavretis

Year 3 White Teacher

Jade Gatcum

Year 3 Black Teacher

Insiyah Nazir

Year 3 Black Teacher

Michelle Moyes

Year 2 Blue Teacher

Cynthia Vu

Year 2 Blue Teacher

Monique Mackaiser

Year 2 White teacher

Rachael Swinhoe

Year 2 Red Teacher

Olivia Jacobsen

Year 1/2 Teacher

Nicole Novotny

Year 1 White Teacher

Lynne Drysdale

Year 1 Black Teacher

Tina McKenzie

Year 1 Blue Teacher

Julie Ballantine

Pre Primary Red Teacher

Cassie Walsh

Pre Primary White Teacher

Jess Schofield

Pre-primary Blue Teacher

Olivia Jacobsen

Pre-primary Red & Blue teacher

Gail Collet

Kindergarten Blue & Green Teacher

Sue Wilson

Kindergarten Red Teacher

Bianca Sussovich

Kindergarten Yellow Teacher

Amy Grosso

Music Teacher

Sally Gorey

Art Teacher

Linda Williams

Mandarin Teacher

Claire Munday

Drama Teacher

Phil Braimbridge

Physical Education Teacher

Olivia Jacobsen

Physical Education Teacher