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Annual Report 2020

Each year we prepare a report that summarises our school’s performance over the previous 12 months.  In this report we provide performance indicators in academic and non-academic areas, outlining progress made toward the implementation of the key strategies of our School Business Plan, and achievement against our annual priorities and targets.

It would not be a true reflection of the year 2020 if I did not mention COVID-19.  Starting as something we were concerned about that was happening overseas, it soon began to have a big impact on us here at West Leederville Primary School.  During Term 1 we began to plan for what appeared to be an inevitable transition to on-line learning.  Our teachers worked together to prepare online lessons and gather resources to send home with our students as the term came to a close. 

Progressively over the final weeks of term student attendance declined as the community was encouraged to stay home and keep social distancing. The school remained open to cater for the children of essential workers, eventually closing a week early for an extended school holiday.  During this transition period all of our classes trialed online learning to ensure we were set up and ready to go for Term 2, a term we were sure was to be a conducted online from our homes to our students.

Surprisingly and very fortunately, the students of Western Australia were permitted to return to school following the school holidays.  Putting in place social distancing protocols, increased cleaning routines and encouraging good personal hygiene practices, became priorities of school operations.

We always believed that West Leederville Primary School and its community had a great culture.  But it is not until a culture is tested by adversity that you find out if this is truly the case. During this time our staff rallied together, teaching each other new skills, sharing resources, and taking on jobs that were not their own to support staff members who were vulnerable.  The community was incredibly supportive, offering help wherever they could, following guidelines and safety procedures, and giving praise for the way in which the school guided their children through this difficult time.  The West Leederville community culture stood up well to the test, unquestionably demonstrating our mutual desire and commitment to caring for the well-being and education of the children of West Leederville.

As school settled back into the ‘new normal’ our focus returned to delivering on our school priorities as articulated in our Business Plan and Annual Operational Plan.  At West Leederville PS we are committed to continually engaging in a process of evaluating what we do and how we do it so that our curriculum is contemporary, relevant and future focussed.  This reflection, amongst on-going review of our teaching and learning practices, included appraisal of our preparation for the first instance of home learning and how we could improve our response if this situation were to occur again.

Within this annual report you will find a range of reports, graphs, tables and photographs that demonstrate our school achievements during 2020.  Whilst the annual report provides a wide range of information, it is a snap shot in time and should be viewed along with our newsletters, parent information sessions, individual classroom communication, website, open nights, P&C meetings, and School Board meetings, as just one of many sources of information.

This annual report brings to a close the three year cycle of our 2018 – 2020 Business Plan.  Throughout 2020 we reviewed all elements of this plan.  We sought feedback from parents, students and staff through a range of surveys and face to face opportunities, and collaborated with our School Board to set the direction for our next Business Plan 2021 – 2023.  As is always the case, feedback is welcome about our school and its operations.  I trust you find the contents of this report valuable and informative.

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Kelly



Annual Report 2020