Annual Report

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Annual Report 2018

Leadership team:

An external review of West Leederville Primary School by the Department of Education Services in 2017 described our school leadership, staff and board as:

“actively and purposefully engaged in improving student learning in a culture that values the individual, promotes positive relationships and seeks excellence from staff and students in a respectful and stimulating learning environment”.

(The full report is available on our school website).

The completion of our review cycle commenced the planning and development of a new Business Plan.  School staff, in collaboration with the School Board, reflected on our achievements during the last Business Plan cycle (2015-2017), the direction for government schools outlined in the Department of Education’s Strategic Plan (2016-2019), feedback provided by the community in our biennial School Opinion Surveys, and student results both academic and social, in order to plan our strategic direction for 2018 to 2020. 

The West Leederville Primary School Business Plan 2018 – 2020 builds on our past success in providing a school environment where there are high expectations for every student to succeed, to achieve their personal best. It sets an expectation for the creation of a culture of high achievement where everybody is focussed on learning success for every student.

Broad targets for achievement are set in our Business Plan within the five inter-related domains of effective schools: teaching, learning environment, relationships, leadership and resources. Annual targets are set within our learning area plans and progress toward these targets is outlined in this annual report.

In addition to the priorities outlined within the five domains of effective schools, the following integrated priorities for our 2018-2020 business plan cycle are being addressed:

  • ïSustainability
  • ïSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • ïIntegrated Digital Technologies
  • ïLOTE (Language other than English) – Mandarin.

Sustainability: West Leederville Primary School has strived to broaden its scope and deepen its commitment to our environment, with all year levels being involved in an aspect of sustainability, breaking down the area to biodiversity, water, waste, transport, environment, recycling, and energy. Each year level now has oversight over one of these important aspects, coordinating at least one event throughout the year.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): A far greater emphasis on STEM studies and experiences have given classes great opportunities to integrate learning in new and exciting ways. All classes participated in at least one integrated unit of work in 2018, with plans for a coordinated whole school event being made to showcase our classrooms to wider audiences via the TDS initiative and to our community, being made for early 2019.

Teacher Development Schools (TDS): West Leederville Primary School gained TDS status for 2018-2019, as the only Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies primary school state-wide, receiving funding through the Department of Education. A school coordinator oversees staff training and professional development, enabling our teachers to share their experiences, strengths and skills with many other school networks, schools and groups of teachers.

LOTE: West Leederville Primary School made a deliberate and targeted increase to the emphasis on Mandarin in our curriculum in 2018, doubling classroom learning time to two periods a week for Years 3-6. Year 1 and 2 classes continued to be taught Mandarin for one period a week. A full-time LOTE teacher was employed in this capacity, supported by volunteers from the Confucius Institute.

Teacher quality is almost universally believed to be the most important school-based factor in student learning. In John Hattie’s list of Factors Influencing Student Achievement, 19 of the top 25 are attributed to teacher influence.  It is therefore imperative that our teachers are afforded the opportunity to improve their craft and to remain at the forefront of current educational best practice.  During 2018 teaching and support staff took  the opportunity to participate in a wide range of professional learning targeted to improve outcomes for our students in our school’s priority areas. Some opportunities undertaken were:

  • Talk for Writing
  • Words their Way
  • Leading the Implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Standards
  • Mathspace
  • Teachers can Code
  • Senior First Aid
  • Dyslexia SPELD Foundation: Autism-defining features and effective strategies
  • Aspirant Teacher Leadership Program
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Positive School Conference
  • Leading with Mindfulness

This list is by no means exhaustive. However, it gives a snapshot of the variety of professional learning undertaken as a whole staff to align whole school approaches, or individually to address specific areas of need.

During Semester 2, I was seconded to assist with the establishment of the Department of Education’s newly formed Public School Review Directorate.  As the leadership team of West Leederville PS, we are proud of our collaborative and distributive approach to leading the school.  Many staff have leadership roles that make so many of the additional programs and projects provided possible. The effectiveness of this approach was proven by the seamless manner in which Lisa Wade, supported by Shelley Hollett and Michael McInerheney, stepped into the role as Principal for this period. This team was further supported by Rochelle Reeves, Nic Savatovic and Michelle Moyes all taking on new responsibilities during this time. I would like to thank the team for their exceptional efforts and ability in keeping this great school humming in my absence.

2018 was a very successful year at West Leederville Primary School. We intend to continue to build upon this success by striving, as always, to do our very best to provide an excellent education for the students in our care.

Fiona Kelly


12th April, 2019


Annual Report 2018