West Leederville Business Plan

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School Business Plan

Directing the future of West Leederville Primary School, our Business Plan sets out our strategic focus for 2021 – 2023. We are committed to a culture of high achievement where every person is focussed on learning success for every student.

We have high expectations for all students and aspire to provide every child with every opportunity.

Through high quality teaching in an environment that nurtures each child’s individuality, we acknowledge and take seriously the influence that we have on the lives of the young people in our care.

We are committed to deliver educational excellence through a safe, respectful and stimulating environment that inspires our students to unlock and fulfil their learning potential.Success is achieved through developing every child academically, socially, emotionally, creatively and physically.

At West Leederville Primary School we are on a path of continuous improvement. Our culture is one where we are constantly reflecting on our practice, seeking to improve pedagogy and innovation. We believe that the effect of good teaching is cumulative and that even modest increases in effectiveness can have a significant impact on student learning.At our school we call this the ‘one percent approach’. By making everything we do one percent better, we have a positive impact on our students’ success. Every day as we plan and teach our lessons, observe and give each other feedback, and make management decisions, we seek to improve.

West Leederville Primary School has a well-established model of distributed leadership and a highly capable staff who are empowered, proactive contributors to our school’s on-going improvement agenda. Our planned actions for the three years of this Business Plan are inspired by our commitment to deliver educational excellence to the students of West Leederville. To provide every child in our care, every opportunity.

Fiona Kelly – Principal 


School Business Plan