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December Newsletter 2022 – Click here to Download

  • From the Principal
  • Pre-primary bell ringing
  • Graduation 2022
  • Book Awards Assembly
  • A Year in pictures

November Newsletter 2022 – Click here to Download

  • From the Principal
  • Year 1 visit the Zoo
  • 2023 Student Leaders
  • Celebrating our students’ achievements
  • Surfing School
  • Disney Spectacular
  • Playground fun
  • Triple P – Positive Parenting Program seminar

October Newsletter 2022 – Click here to Download

  • Community Garden
  • BounceBack! in Kindergarten
  • Colour run fun in Kindergarten ….
  • … And everyone else
  • New benches for the Art Room
  • Woodbridge House excursion
  • Rhythm2Recovery
  • Gifted and Talented Programs

September Newsletter 2022 – Click here to DownloadMusic Assembly & ABODA concert

  • Music Assembly & ABODA concert
  • FOWLs Walk to School with Dad breakfast
  • Interschool Athletics
  • Japanese Term 3
  • New books for our Parent Library

August Newsletter 2022Click here to Download

  • Book Week and Open Night
  • Faction Athletics Carnival
  • Birds of Prey
  • Science Week
  • Interschool Cross Country
  • ToC School Art Exhibition

July Newsletter 2022 – Click here to Download

  • 100 days of school
  • NAIDOC Week Art
  • Year 4/5 at the Community Garden
  • School Tree Day
  • NAIDOC celebrations in Kindergarten

June Newsletter 2022 – Click here to Download

  • Faction Cross Country, Farmyard on Wheels , Year 6 Camp, Junior Cross Country, PJ Day , Subiaco History Museum, Lego Club, Bounceback – Kindergarten, FOWLs Remote Car Rally, Australian Judo Nationals Championship, Noongar Season – Makuru, Morning Tea – Thank you P&C, Parenting Ideas – Parenting introverts and quiet kids, Enrolling for Kindergarten 2023

6. 5. 2022 – Newsletter 3 2022 Click here to Download ANZAC ceremony, interschool swimming

25.3.2022 – Newseltter 2 2022 Click here to Download Faction swimming carnival

25.1.2022 – Newsletter 1 2022 Click here to Download How we communicate, PP students commence full time, Coming full circle, Interm swimming

17.12.2021 – Newsletter 19 2021 Click here to Download   Graduation, Book prize winners, PP ringing of the bell, 2021 in pictures

3.12.2021 – Newsletter 18 2021 Click here to Download Student leaders 2022, End of Year concert, Zoo excursion Yr 1

19.11.2021 – Newsletter 17 2021 Click here to Download Parent meetings, Firefighters incursion, Kindergarten fun, Chaplain’s chat

5.11.2021 – Newsletter 16 2021 Click here to Download IT in Pre-primary, Outdoor Classroom Day, RAP committee update

22.10.2021 – Newsletter 15 2021 Click here to Download 2022 Planning, Tim Winton award, Mandarin writing competition, P&C Office bearers and roles

24.9.2021 – Newsletter 14 2021 Click here to Download Interschool Athletics carnival, Colour Fun run, Pre-primary community visits, Massed Choir

10.9.2021 – Newsletter 13 2021 Click here to Download Faction Athletics Carnival, FOWLs Walk to school with Dad breakfast, Kindergarten happenings

27.8.2021 – Newsletter 12 2021 Click here to Download Book Week, Science Week, FOWLs update

13.7.2021 – Newsletter 11 2021 Click here to DownloadPBS launch, Celebrating 100 days of School PP, Water in Aboriginal Culture, Rotary Club and Year 6, K Red Olympics

25.6.2021 – Newsletter 9 2021 Click here to Download  Year 6 camp, Faction cross country, Year 3/4 poetry, Mandarin news, Farmyard on Wheels in Kindy

11.6.2021 – Newsletter 8 2021 Click here to Download  Bike-ed in Year 3, Brownes dairy incursion, handball comp, Sch0ol Stream download instructions

28.5.2021 – Newsletter 7 2021 Click here to Download Simultaneous Reading Time, SEDA Football Clinic, Autumn at WLPS

14.5.2021 – Newsletter 6 2021 Click here to Download  Walk to School Safely Day, REmida workshop, PP Mathematics tabloids, Cross Country training, Winter Sport teams,

30.4.2021 – Newsletter 5 2021 Click here to Download 

26.3.2021 – Newsletter 4 2021 Click here to Download Harmony Day, Faction Swimming Carnival, FOWLS update

12.2.2021 – Newsletter 3 2021 Click here to Download    Swimming squad, classroom techonologies, Sister school Bali, FOWLS

26.2.2021 – Newsletter 2 2021 Click here to Download Interm swimming, Hockey, Community garden, School Board nominations, New staff members

12.2.2021 – Newsletter 1 2021 Click here to DownloadWelcome to Pre-primary, voluntary contributions, Skoolbag app, introducing our new Chaplain

17.12.2020 – Newsletter 20 2020 Click here to Download 2020 Graduation, Book award assembly, End of year concert, Planting of Memorial garden,

4.12.2020 – Newsletter 19 2020 Click here to Download  2021 student leaders, waste audit Year 5 and 6 poetry, parent meeting feedback

20.11.2020 – Newsletter 18 2020 Click here to Download NAIDOC Celebrations, History museum in Year 3 Blue, Outdoor classroom day at Kindergarten, Walk, ride, scoot safely to school day, Recycling clothes in Year 4/5, Community Garden

6.11.2020 – Newsletter 17 2020 Click here to Download Year 6 camp, Year 2 spotlight, Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS), Interschool cricket,FOWLs Camping Night

23.10.2020 – Newsletter 16 2020 Click here to Download Open Night, Book Week, Anglicare excursion, Walk, Ride, Scoot safely to school day, School Photos, Cyber friendly schools

25.9.2020 – Newsletter 15 2020 Click here to Download  Flexible furniture, 2021 student booklists, Cyber friendly schools, Mandarin activities, Exploring music, interschool athletics,

11.9.2020 – Newsletter 14 2020 Click here to Download Faction Athletics Carnival, Indigenous art, Year 6 STEM,

28.8.2020 – Newsletter 13 2020 Click here to Download Playground opening, STEM day in Year 3, WA Fisheries excursion Year 2, Duyfken and shipwreck museum excursion Year 4, Artist in residence

14.8.2020 – Newsletter 12 2020 Click here to Download Firemen visit PP, Sea life dioramas in Year 3, Mapping in Year 2, Community Garden busy bee, OSMO learning in Year 1

31.7.2020 – Newsletter 11 2020 Click here to Download Animal Ark in PP, WestOz Wildlife in K, Pyjama day, opening of playground

3.7.2020 – Newsletter 10 2020 Click here to Download Lap-a-thon, Farewell to Mrs van den Beuken, Chinese sister school, Winter Solstice, Amazing art, Kiss and ride, P&C update

19.6.2020 – Newsletter 9 2020 Click here to Download Lap-a-thon, Kindergarten scarecrows, Shelter design in Year 3 Red, Bee hotels – Year 4, Taco trucks – Year 6, Kiss and Ride guidelines, Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser

5.6.2020 – Newsletter 8 2020 Click here to DownloadNational Simultaneous Storytime, Playground update

22.5.2020 – Newsletter 7 2020 Click here to DownloadYear 6 Graduation shirts, making bread in PP

 8.5.2020 – Newsletter 6 2020 Click here to Download From the Principal, Parenting ideas-Helping siblings resolve their fights

9. 4.2020 – Newsletter 5 2020 Click here to Download From the Principal, Parenting ideas- Expect more from kids in these difficult times, sustainability in Year 3, home cooking in Mandarin.

13.3.2020 – Newsletter 2 2020 Click here to Download COVID -19 information, Student digital library, Year 3 incursions – Saving our bush and recycling Cara, the Eco fairy

14.2.2020 – Newsletter 1 2020  Click here to Download  Interm swimming, 2020 School priorities, new playground settings, Tech talk

19.12.2019 – Newsletter 20 2019 Click here to Download Graduation 2019, Book Awards Assembly 2019, Uniform shop hours, PP ringing of bell, fathering project, 2019 in pictures

6.12.2019 – Newsletter 19 2019 Click here to Download Student leaders 2020, playground painting, Kid’s Helpline,

22.11.2019 – Newsletter 18 2019 Click here to Download Pre-primary police visit, Dodgeball, Outdoor education Yes vs. No in Year 2 White, Colour Blindness information

8.11.2019 – Newsletter 17 2019 Click here to Download  Exploring communities in PP, Outdoor Education day, Making Momo in PP, Smith Family Christmas Appeal, Getting to know our teachers.

25.10.2019 – Newsletter 16 2019 Click here to Download Parent Cyber Safety session, GATE applications open, Bike Ed program, NAPLAN results, Communities in PP, Dance till you Drop, WLPS Fathering Project camp, Getting to know our teachers.

27.9.2019 – Newsletter 15 2019 Click here to Download Interschool Athletics Carnival, Worm incursion, PP excursion to Art Gallery, Booklists, School dental service

13.9.2019 – Newsletter 14 2019 Click here to Download Faction Athletics Carnival, Father’s Day, Historical walk around West Leederville, Parenting Ideas webinar

30.8.2019 – Newsletter 13 2019 Click here to Download Book Week, Open Night, Council art competition, MLC musical, fathering project

16.8.2019 – Newsletter 12 2019 Click here to DownloadExcursions to Kings Park & Lake Monger, Junior Cross Country, Pre-primary flower, science in Kindergarten, Open night information.

2.8.2019 – Newsletter 11 2019

NAIDOC, Recycling station

5.7.2019 – Newsletter 10 2019 Click here to Download  Interschool Cross Country, interschool sport, Quiz night, Earn and Learn, Dental services

21.6.2019 – Newsletter 9 2019 Click here to Download Faction Cross Country, Story Dogs, Shipwreck Museum Year 1, Ambulance visit,

7.6.2019 – Newsletter 8 2019 Click here to Download Year 6 camp, Birds of Prey, Bob Hawke College, Fathering Project

24.5.2019 – Newsletter 7 2019 Click here to Download Walk Safely to School Day, National Simultaneous Storytime, Wacky Wednesdays in PP Red, Parenting library, Winter interschool sport

10.5.2019 – Newsletter 6 2019 Click here to Download STEM Open day, West Leedy on Wheels, Lunchtime origami, Craft corner, NAPLAN schedule, Earn and Learn and Leavers Shirts.

12.4.2019 – Newsletter 5 2019 Click here to Download STEM Open Day, ANZAC Ceremony, Glimpse at Kindergarten, Water for Life, Walk, ride, scoot safely to school

29.3.2019 – Newsletter 4 2019 Click here to Download Harmony Day, Kings Park Naturescape, Fathering Project, Cooking in Mandarin

15.3.2018 – Newsletter 3 2019 Click here to Download Faction Swimming Carnival, Eagles visit, Cybersafety, Gardening, School photos

28.2.2018 – Newsletter 2 2019 Click here to Download West Tech Lab, Swimming Squad, Movie under the stars, Naming the new Inner City College

14.2.2018 – Newsletter 1 2019 Click here to Download Interm swimming, Raising Resilient Children workshop, Super Choir Auditions, Swimming Squad, Skoolbag App, P&C Movie Night, Parenting Ideas Webinar, P&C AGM

13.12.2018 – Newsletter 21 2018 Click here to Download 2018 Graduation, Book award recipients, Cultural evening, Ringing the bell in Pre-primary, 2018 in pictures

6.12.2018 – Newsletter 20 2018 Click here to Download 2019 Student leaders, Online reports, Bali school visitors, PP sibling visit and getting to know our community, P&C thank you

22.11.2018 – Newsletter 19 2018 Click here to Download Zoo excursion, Colour Carnival, Parent survey synopsis, Bunnings incursion, Whole school photo

8.11.2018 – Newsletter 18 2018 Click here to Download Wacky Hair day, New faction polos, Outdoor classrooms, IMSS student selection, Cultural evening tickets, Buddies, STEM in Kindergarten

25.10.2018 – Newsletter 17 2018 Click here to Download  PALS, WLPS Cultural Showcase information. Cricket Clinic, Before School Surfing, New excursion bags, Parenting Webinar, Bee incursion, NAPLAN info.

11.10.2018 – Newsletter 16 2018 Click here to Download  Helping the farmers,GATE applications open, Vacswim enrolments, Animal Ark incursion, Coles for Sports, Triple P Parenting seminar,Memorial garden,

13.9.2018 – Newsletter 15 2018 Click here to DownloadFaction Carnival, Duyfken excursion, Father’s Day in PP, ABODA, Hillary’s Fisheries Discovery, Booklists 2019, Triple P seminar, The fathering project, Massed Choir.

30.8.2018 – Newsletter 14 2018 Click here to Download  120 Anniversary celebrations, Book week, School parent survey, Science week, Author visit, MLC excursion, War on waste

16.8.2018 – Newsletter 13 2018 Click here to Download  Didgeridoo in PP, 120 Year Celebrations and Book week, West Coast Eagles Coach in Year 1, National Tree Day, Music news, Paper plane throwing competition, D & T in Year 5, Netball clinic, Buddies

2.8.2018 – Newsletter 12 2018 Click here to Download  Scoop the Poop poster competition, School fitness program, Music in Pre-primary, 100 days smarter, Chinese visiting students

19.7.2018 – Newsletter 11 2018 Click here to Download  PP NAIDOC celebrations, Principal secondment, Skoolbag consent trial, Year 6 recounts, PP Talk 4 Write

28.6.2018 – Newsletter 10 2018 Click here to Download  Edudance, Maths day, Interschool Cross Country, Bike Ed, Junior Cross Country, PP PJ day, iPad history

14.6.2018 – Newsletter 9 2018 Click here to Download  Cross Country, Year 6 Camp, Pirate Day, WestOz Wildlife incursion, Aboriginal Elders visit to Kindergarten

30.5.2018 – Newsletter 8 2018 Click here to Download  Walk to school breakfast, Cowden Park Banner competition, National Simultaneous Reading time

17.5.2018- Newsletter 7 2018 Click here to Download NAPLAN online, Duyfken excursion, Mothers Day in PP, Online reporting, Rugby workshops

3.5.2018- Newsletter 6 2018 Click here to Download ANZAC service, Eco-friendly garden, SEDA football, 2019 kindergarten enrolments, Walk, ride, scoot safely to school day.

5.4.2018- Newsletter 5 2018 Click here to Download Milo T20 Blast Cricket Cup, Loose parts play, Pre-primary visit canteen, Super Choir workshop, Start Smart incursion

22.3.2018- Newsletter 4 2018 Click here to Download Harmony Day, Sewing in PP, Kindergarten playground,

8.3.2018- Newsletter 3 2018 Click here to Download Faction swimming carnival, Clean up Australia, ‘Westie’ is revealed, Our new courtyard, School photos, King’s park excursion, Interm swimming

22.2.2018- Newsletter 2 2018 Click here to Download WLPS-120 years anniversary, Official opening of new building, playscape committee, WLPS disco

8.2.2018- Newsletter 1 2018 Click here to Download Upper Primary Learning Centre, The Big Splash, Year 1 buddies, Coles Sports for Schools

14/12/2017- Newsletter 20 2017 Click here to Download Graduation 2017, Christmas concert, Book awards assembly, 2017 reviewed in pictures

30/11/2017- Newsletter 19 2017 Click here to Download Student leaders 2018, WLPS surfing, GATE applications open, Constable Care Safety School, Christmas concert details, School Board review

16/11/2017- Newsletter 18 2017 Click here to Download Olden school days, Grounds timetable,Spring fair, Dodgeball

2/11/2017- Newsletter 17 2017 Click here to Download Big splash project, Gifted and talented testing, Vacswim, Debating, Halloween monster snack sale, Music news, Rick the Rock eagle.

19/10/2017- Newsletter 16 2017 Click here to Download New senior wing opens, Awesome Arts festival, Spring Show,

21/09/2017- Newsletter 15 2017 Click here to Download Music assembly, Pre-primary events- international food day, outdoor classroom day, artist parents, messy mud day, HASS/PALS assembly, Birds of prey, Caversham Wildlife

07/09/2017- Newsletter 14 2017 Click here to Download Faction Athletics Carnival, Father’s Day in Pre-primary, Booklists 2018, Music news, Vacswim classes

24/8/2017- Newsletter 13 2017 Click here to Download Book Week, Online NAPLAN, Bunnings Tree Planting, Our Extraordinary Students, Athletics Carnival preparations, Cambridge Council Art Exhibition, A Sausage Went for a Walk to Kindy,

10/8/2017- Newsletter 12 2017 Click here to Download Kitchen gardening, PP Bear hunt, Sock monkeys, Band camp, Massed Choir update, Keep our students safe.

27/7/2017- Newsletter 11 2017 Click here to Download 100 days of school, 2018 student enrolment survey, WestOz wildlife incursion K, Superchoir, UWA sprint research, Earn & Learn, nut aware.

29/6/2017- Newsletter 10 2017 Click here to Download Edu-dance, Sci-tech, Kite making in PP, Interschool cross country, Graduation shirts, PP sandpit makeover.

15/6/2017- Newsletter 9 2017 Click here to Download Cross Country, Year 6 Camp, Churchlands SHS Academic Extension program, New secondary school, Camp Quality Incursion

1/6/2017- Newsletter 8 2017 Click here to Download Walk safely to school day, NAPLAN, Bindi Bindi dreaming, Sculpture under the Tree, National Simultaneous Storytime, Year 2 history and Food Revolution in PP.

18/6/2017- Newsletter 7 2017 Click here to Download Sculpture under the tree, Mother’s day in PP Blue, Milo T20 Blast winners

4/5/2017- Newsletter 6 2017 Click here to Download ANZAC service, Loose parts, Walk to School Safely day, Kindergarten 2018 enrolments, Chaplain Craft Corner, Order your school photos, Sculpture under the Tree

6/4/2017-Newsletter 5 2017 Click here to Download Interschool swimming, Whole Maths day, Water fun day

23/3/2017-Newsletter 4 2017 Click here to Download Harmony Day, Living Eggs in kindergarten, Faction swimming carnival, Sculpture by the Sea, Microscopes in use, Snapchat 

9/3/2017-Newsletter 3 2017 Click here to Download Let’s Ride, Microscope donation, Blast School cup, Pancake day, School Photo day, Minecraft Fact sheet

23/2/2017-Newsletter 2 2017 Click here to Download IPS School Review, In-term Swimming, WLPS sport,

9/2/2017-Newsletter 1 2017 Click here to Download Welcome back to school, Super Choir auditions, Swimming squad, School disco, Donation from Leederville IGA