Student based accounts

Throughout the school year, there are many incursions and excursions available to support and enrich the education program we offer at school. The estimated annual cost of these additional activities is outlined in our “School Contributions and Charges” schedule, endorsed by the School Board, distributed each December for the upcoming year and available on our website.

These activities are in addition to the regular school program and participation is based upon payment of the cost of the activity by parents. At all times, we work to keep costs to a minimum by:

• applying for grants

• sourcing the best quotes for buses or using private transport

• engaging only in activities linked to the educational programs we have in place; and

• working collaboratively with the P & C.

We are now able to offer the facility to pay in advance for future excursions and costs which occur throughout the year. Through EFTPOS, direct deposit, Visa or cash you can deposit an amount into your child’s account.  This money will be held in your child’s name and each time your child participates in an activity the cost will be deducted from your child’s account.

Please note:

  • Permission notes for each activity will state the amount to be withdrawn from your child’s account.
  • If your child does not participate, you will not be charged.*
  • At the end of each term you will receive a transaction report.  At this time you may choose to top up your account.
  • Any unused money remaining at the end of the year can be rolled over into the following year, or alternatively refunded upon request.
  • If you leave the school the balance will be refunded to you.

We recommend an initial payment of $100. You may choose to deposit more or less than this at your own discretion. 

We hope that this initiative makes life easier for you and streamlines processes for us.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

1. Via Direct Bank Deposit

Name: West Leederville Primary School

BSB: 036 044

Account No: 123672

(use child’s name & ‘student funds’ as reference).


2. Visa payment
  • by telephone- please telephone our office staff on 93669750 or call in at the office.
3. Cash/ Eftpos
  • at the front office in the Administration building. (No change will be given. A credit will appear on your statement).