Self expression & acting


Kindergarten Speech Screen

West Leederville Primary School employ a team of qualified speech pathologists to assess our kindergarten students in March of each year. We fund this program to inform our teachers and parents of any areas for intervention and monitoring as part of our early intervention processes. A speech pathology team come to our kindergarten and work with the teachers to assess the students in range of fun and age-appropriate activities.

The screen covers language concepts, phonological awareness (rhyme and syllable), semantics, comprehension, positional language and narrative concepts such as: who, what, when, why, sequencing of events, and story retelling.  It also assesses general articulation.

Each class teacher is provided with a summary of performance and identifies strengths and areas of need amongst the kindergarten students.  The pathologists ‘flag’ students requiring early intervention, such as a speech / language disorder or delay and notify parents if a referral is required.

School Health Services

WLPS engages the expertise of the ‘School Health Services’ each year for all kindergarten students and any new students/families to WLPS who require the school nurse services.

School Health Services’ role is to work with children, families/guardians and classroom teachers for the early detection of physical and psychosocial health and development issues which may impede health, wellbeing and school achievement. Care provided to individual children and their families may entail assessment, brief intervention, health information, referral, monitoring and support.

Core support provided by the School Health Service (school nurse) include:

  1. The School Entry Health Assessment program
  2. Vision, hearing and developmental screening for all children; and
  3. BMI assessment.
  4. Targeted assessment if a health concern is raised by parent or teacher such as behaviour, dental health enuresis.
  5. Ear health screening for at risk children
  6. Supporting staff with health care plans for students with complex health needs
  7. Early detection and referral of children exhibiting mental health risk factors
  8. Liaison, advocacy and referral for a wide range of family and individual health needs.

Additional services WLPS have engaged the school nurse for, are:

  • facilitating and/or delivering school-based immunisation information;
  • facilitating/providing staff training to support students with health needs, for example deliver practical use of adrenaline autoinjectors (EpiPens) and asthma medications annually;
  • referral to other specialist services such as Community Health’s Child Development Service (CDS)as required;
  • Annual parent talks at kindergarten and pre-primary parent meetings; and
  • Advice on the latest information health department communicable disease