In 2015, year 7 students will move from primary to high school, bringing them into line with all states and territories except South Australia. The change follows a move to introduce a national curriculum up to Year 10. As a consequence of the change, this year at West Leederville Primary School we will have two graduating year groups at the end of the year. A number of adjustments and considerations have been undertaken to ensure that all the graduating students have the opportunity to participate in the leadership roles, activities and ceremonies usually reserved for the year 7 graduating class. Student Councillor elections will be conducted next week to elect 5 students from the year 7 class and 5 students from the year 6 class.

Following this election, voting will be held to select students from the year 6/7 cohort to fill the positions of Faction Captains and Vice-Captains. A biennial camp for the year 6/7 students has been held for some years and will once again take place at Forest Edge Recreation camp from June 3rd to June 6th. Both year groups will wear the leavers shirts, but they will feature different coloured panels to distinguish between the two groups. At the end of the year, all 16 year 7 students and 24 year 6 students will participate in the Graduation ceremony.

Find out more about the Year 7 Australian Curriculum changes here.


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